Hyper Respins: An Overview of the Slot

Join Yggdrasil Gaming and their Hyper Respins online slot development partner ReelPlay as they soar into space. You may be asking if Hyper and Hypernova are connected if you are familiar with the studio’s other projects. They seem to be, as Hyper Respins is a space-themed online slot game that is just as ethereal as the rest of the Hypernova series. This one is different since it’s a cluster paying grid slot with extras like bombs, megabombs, hyperbombs, zaps, megazaps, and a hold n’ win respin bonus.

Hyper Respins spends its time out in space, where perhaps you enjoy witnessing the wonderful creative capabilities of nebulas. There, where it appears that the more we, as a species, learn, the more questions we raise. Space is vast, as Douglas Adams put it in his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You can’t possibly fathom how enormous it is; it’s mind-boggling. In addition to the gas and stars, one of the best parts of Hyper Respins is the dramatic score, which borders on the sublime and sounds like it belongs in a Neil deGrasse Tyson space documentary. If you’re searching for a visually striking game, Hyper Respins isn’t it unless you’re more interested in the music.

You may set your stake anywhere between 20 pence and £/€15 each spin, so you can get started on your quest to the edge of human understanding (some creative thinking may be necessary here). The playing field in Hyper Respins is 6 by 6, and a win occurs when at least 5 identical symbols appear in adjacent horizontal or vertical locations. Hyper Respins is a high-medium volatility slot machine with a maximum RTP of 96.1% (or 97.4% if you pay 80x your stake for access to the bonus game).

Many of the symbols in Hyper Respins are of the gemstone sort, similar to iSoftBet’s slot Euphoria, which may be considered a rival. The purple triangle, green triangle, purple square, blue square, green diamond, pink pentagon, orange hexagon, and gold octagon are all high-paying icons in Hyper Respins. The payout for a winning hand of five of a kind is 15 to 1 on the wager, while a winning hand of fifteen or more is 10 to 250 times the wager. When one or more wild symbols are included in a winning combination, the reward value is doubled by 4. Finally, symbols that are eliminated because they are winners are replaced by symbols that fall from above to fill the empty spaces.

Featured Slot Machine Hyper Re-Spins

No one expected ReelPlay to be so keen on explosives. If playing Hyper Respins with its Bomb, Megabomb, and Hyperbomb symbols, three varieties of Zap symbols, and hold’ n win function is any indication, then it certainly is.


There are three distinct bombs that might fall from the sky and cause damage:

Bomb – changes the positions of the symbols in a 3×3 grid, letting others fall into their place.

Megabomb — changes the positions of all the symbols in a 5-by-5 grid, making room for new ones.

An all-grid-symbol-destroying hyperbomb.

Painful Symbols

To conclude, there are three distinct Zap symbols:

All of the symbols on that reel are affected by the vertical zap.

All the icons in that horizontal row will be impacted by the zap.

All icons on a given reel and row are affected by the Megazap.

Iconic Hypergraphs

Hyper symbols, like the bomb and zap icons, trigger after standard wins have been paid out. Each ordinary pay symbol they remove pays between 0.05 and 1 times the wager, while each wild they eliminate pays 2 times the wager. Additionally, the value of any scatter rewards is twice if Hyper symbols are involved.

Extra Free Spins

When 5 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, Bonus Respins are triggered after any standard symbol winnings or Hyper Symbols have been paid out. Only the places containing the scatter symbols that triggered the effect spin. When a new scatter appears, the current number of respins is reset to 3, and the new scatter is also retained. At the conclusion of the game, players can win anywhere from one to one hundred times their wager thanks to scatter payoffs. Only scatters, blanks, and Hyper symbols can appear during the feature.

Slot Review: Hyper-Respins

Hyper Respins is analogous to a person who has quit smoking but is using a nicotine replacement product like a vape pen rather than quitting altogether. Although the ‘nova’ has been removed from the title, Hyper Respins is clearly related to ReelPlay’s other Hyper slots (Hypernova Megaways, Hypernova 10K Ways, etc.). Games that tried to blast through the icy vacuum of space at breakneck speeds but ultimately failed to excite us. There was also little hope that Hyper Respins would. Still, in retrospect, it wasn’t quite terrible. It may have a retro aesthetic that borders on simplicity, but the sweeping cosmic opera score rescues it from sensory oblivion, and Hyper Respins has a few tricks up his sleeve that become useful in-game.

Hyper symbols gather the values of the symbols they blow up rather than simply removing them to allow a drop, which may be interesting to those who are interested in cluster pay. Modest changes, to be sure, but evolution works in baby steps and all. The use of Hyper symbols in the bonus round is akin to ReelPlay and serves to speed up the process. One of the best-performing slots in the Hyper/Hypernova family, the game’s information claims that Hyper Respins can nova it up to a maximum of 13,552 times the wager.

Expectations for Hyper Respins were minimal to nonexistent to begin with, therefore the band’s success came as no surprise. Hyper Respins’ audio-visuals aren’t too shabby, and once the game gets rolling, its features aren’t that horrible, thus it may appeal to gamers who enjoy earlier science fiction, such as William Shatner’s era of Star Trek. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves: Hyper Respins probably won’t shake up the gambling universe, but it has some redeeming qualities in light of its predecessors.

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